Marianne Faithfull - A Secret Life (Vinyl)

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Band/Artist: Marianne Faithfull

Albumtitel: A Secret Life

  1. Format: 1LP, 12", Album, RSD 2023, First Release on Vinyl
  2. Inhalt:
  3. Land: EU
  4. Release: 1995
  5. Label: Island - 602448888945
  6. Genre / Stil: Rock, Pop
  7. Runout/Matrix: -

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  3. Info: still sealed
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Prologue 2:04

Sleep 3:44

Love In The Afternoon 3:32

Flaming September 5:03

She 3:26

Bored By Dreams 3:10

Losing 3:53

The Wedding 3:19

The Stars Line Up 3:53

Epilogue 3:14


First global vinyl pressing for Marianne Faithfull’s final album for Island records. 1995’s ‘A Secret Life’ received its only vinyl issue in Greece, and copies are hard to come by. The album was a new direction for Marianne and was written with the Italian composer Angelo Badalamenti, known for his atmospheric scores to David Lynch’s films. The result successfully marries his multi-layered orchestral production style with Marianne’s trademark voice and poetic lyrics to create a wholly original and timeless album.