The Cats - Times Were When (Vinyl)

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Band/Artist: The Cats

Albumtitel: Times Were When

  1. Format: 2LP, 12", Compilation, Gatefold
  2. Inhalt: -
  3. Land: NL
  4. Release: 1972
  5. Label: Imperial – 5C 180-24570/71
  6. Genre / Stil: Rock, Pop, Country Rock, Country/Folk
  7. Runout/Matrix: -

  1. Zustand Tonträger: VG
  2. Zustand Cover: G+
  3. Info: -
  4. Antistatische Innenhülle: ja
  5. Gewaschen : ja

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A1 What's The World Coming To

A2 Night Time

A3 Little Miss Mary

A4 Without Your Love

A5 No You Can't Love Them All

A6 Far Beyond The Call Of Duty

B1 Sure He's A Cat

B2 Goodbye Baby, Baby Goodbye

B3 I'm Going Out (The Same Way I Came In)

B4 Love Of The Common People

B5 But Tomorrow

B6 Full Stop

C1 Lea

C2 Rainbow Tree

C3 Lies

C4 In My Room

C5 I've Always Tried To Understand

C6 Anonymous Mr. Brown

D1 Excuse Me

D2 Daybreak

D3 Vaya Con Dios

D4 I Gotta Know What's Going On

D5 Times Were When

D6 Remember The Good Times

D7 I Feel Good, I Feel Bad