Desert Sessions - Desert Sessions Vol. 11 & 12 (Vinyl)

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Band/Artist: Desert Sessions (Various Artists)

ZZ Top (Billy F Gibbons)

Albumtitel: Desert Sessions Vol. 11 & 12

  1. Format: 1LP, 12", Album
  2. Inhalt: with body swap booklet (still sealed)
  3. Land: US
  4. Release: 2019
  5. Label: Matador, Rekords Rekords – OLE-1488-LP
  6. Genre / Stil: Rock, Pop, Blues Rock
  7. Runout/Matrix: -

  1. Zustand Tonträger: M
  2. Zustand Cover: M-
  3. Info: with open Shrink
  4. Antistatische Innenhülle: ja
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11: Arrivederci Despair

A1 Move Together

Backing Vocals – Jake Shears

Backing Vocals, Tom Tom [Gypsy Marching Tom] – Mike Kerr

Guitar [R Side Guitar], Other [Finger Picking Stuff], Other [End Lick Harmony], Backing Vocals, Tom Tom [Gypsy Marching Tom] – Matt "S Dawg" Sweeney

Music By – Matt Sweeney

Music By, Bass Guitar [Thee Bass Guitar] – Les Claypool

Music By, Drums, Other [Drum Drone Factory Worker #1], Backing Vocals, Synth [4 Hand Boop Boop], Tom Tom [Gypsy Marching Toms] – Carla Azar

Music By, Guitar [L Side Guitar], Other [Loopit Stupid Box], Backing Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Other [Whiskey Bottle Dropper & Mr. Walker Offer], Tom Tom [Gypsy Marching Tom], Other [Digital Black], Other [End Guitar Lick], Guitar [Additional Guit Whales] – Joshua Homme

Music By, Other [Drum Drone Factory Worker #2], Chimes [Stand Up], Other [Room Service Trays], Synth [4 Hand Boop Boop], Tom Tom [Gypsy Marching Toms], Drum Machine [Linn Drum], Electric Piano [Wurlitzer] – Stella Mozgawa

Other [Turned On & Passed JHo The Loopit Stupid Box] – Dave Catching

Words By, Lead Vocals – Billy F Gibbons

A2 Noses In Roses Forever

Bass, Other [Divebomb], Other [Endless Bottles Of Wine] – Les

Drums, Tom Tom [Toms & Then, Even More Toms] – Stella

Guitar [Right Side Guitar], Baritone Guitar, Percussion [Clapper], Backing Vocals, Guitar [Bo Diddley Guitar], Lead Guitar [That 1st guitar lead thing], Guitar [Bo Diddley Lead Harmony Guitar] – Matt

Lead Guitar [That Backwards 3rd Lead Guitar Thing] – Billy G.

Lead Vocals, Guitar [Left Side Guitar], Bass [Some], Lead Guitar [That 2nd Guitar Lead Thing], Other [Wah Wah Stuff], Backing Vocals, Guitar [Bo Diddley Guitar], Guitar [Bo Diddley Lead Guitar & uhhh...just a bunch of other guitar stuff really] – Joshua

Music By – Matt Sweeney

Words By, Music By – Joshua Homme

A3 Far East For The Trees

Acoustic Guitar [Acoustic], Fiddle [Cig Fiddle], Dobro, Electric Guitar [All Electric Guitar Lines 'n shit], Clavinet, Tenor Guitar, Piano – Homjo

Acoustic Guitar [Thix Thstring Acoustic] – Sneews

Bass [Bizase] – Lay Clespool

Drums [A Child's Drum Kit], Percussion [Percussionings] – Alrac Raza

Music By – Carla Azar, Joshua Homme, Les Claypool, Stella Mozgawa

Synth [Boodelly Boop Magic Space Synth] – STELLA!

A4 If You Run

Acoustic Guitar [Acoustic Guitfiddle], Electric Guitar [Electric Plucking Picker Guitar], Tom Tom [Gypsy Marching Toms], Vocals [Spooky Child Choir Vox] – Mattias Sweeney

Bass, Tom Tom [Gypsy Marching Toms], Vocals [Spooky Child Choir Vox] – Mike "Devil May" Kerr

Drums, Tom Tom [Gypsy Marching Toms], Shaker [Shakerz], Vocals [Spooky Child Choir Vox] – Carla Azzaaaa*

Lead Guitar [Lead Guitar Leads], Guitar [Whale Sounding Guit Things], Tom Tom [Gypsy Marching Toms], Vocals [Spooky Child Choir Vox], Harmony Vocals, Synthesizer [Roland] – Joshy

Words By, Music By – Joshua Homme, Matt Sweeney

Words By, Music By, Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Vocals [Spooky Child Choir Vox] – Libby Grace

12: Tightwads & Nitwits & Critics & Heels

B1 Crucifire

Drums, Synth [Synth Lines] – Carlazar

Guitar [Guitar L], Bass, Other [China], Cowbell [Bell Of Cow From Linn] – Jho

Guitar [Guitar R] – Sween Dog

Lead Vocals – Michael "Devil May Not" Kerr

Vocals [Chorus Counter Vox], Other [Super High End Note] – Jakey Shearsy

Words By – Jake Shears, Mike Kerr

Words By, Music By – Joshua Homme, Matt Sweeney

B2 Chic Tweetz

Backing Vocals – Jake Shears

Lyrics By – Töôrnst Hülpft

Music By, Drums, Cowbell – Stella Mozgawa

Music By, Guitar – Joshua Homme

Music By, Lyrics By [Inner Monologue] – Matt Berry

Organ [Visionary Sonic Midwife, Who Births Soundscapes From Another Dimension, The Lovingly Guides Their Graceful Fall To Earth Atop The Gentle Whisper Of His Pulsating, Ancient Organ (Vox Continental Organ)], Vocals [Inner Monologue] – Matt Berry

Vocals – Töôrnst Hülpft

B3 Something You Can’t See

Acoustic Guitar [Acoustic Guitfiddle], Backing Vocals [Bridge Backups] – Mikelton Kerringberg

Drums [Drummies], Steel Drums – Carlazbeth Azarable

Electric Guitar [R Side Electric Guitfiddle] – Mattathon Sweenshirt

Harmony Vocals [Ch Harmony Vox], Electric Guitar [L Side Electric Guitfiddle], Lead Guitar, Bass – Josheldrew Hommenton

Lead Vocals – Jakelby Shearsenbuff

Music By – Carla Azar

Words By – Dave Catching

Words By, Music By – Jake Shears, Matt Sweeney, Mike Kerr

B4 Easier Said Than Done

Electric Guitar [Ending Electric Picking Twanger Guitfiddle], Backing Vocals – Matthew S

Harmony Vocals, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Jake S

Lead Vocals, Piano [Accent Piano], Synthesizer [Synthszs], Handclaps [Little Tiny Baby Claps] – Joshua H

Music By – Carla Azar

Percussion [Rolling Brushes], Other [Human Loop], Drums [So Sick Drums], Handclaps [Little Tiny Baby Claps], Percussion [Hi Hat Accent Type Stuff] – Carla A

Piano [Main], Electric Piano [Wurlitzer], Guitar [R Side Guitar Line], Guitar [Guitar Harmony Bit At The End], Harmony Vocals [End Harmony Vox], Backing Vocals – Michael K

Synth [Synthical Outlook In The End Bit] – D Catching

Words By, Music By – Joshua Homme