Sodom - 30 Years Sodomized 1982 - 2012 (Vinyl, CD)

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Band/Artist: Sodom

Albumtitel: 30 Years Sodomized 1982 - 2012

  1. Format: 2LP Red translucent, 12", 1CD, 2CD, All Compilation, Box Set
  2. Inhalt: 1 30th Anniversary poster, 1Postcard, 1Sticker, 32 page book in LP format about the history of the band including unseen photos
  3. Land: DE
  4. Release: 2012
  5. Label: Steamhammer – SPV 260169 Box-Set
  6. Genre / Stil: Rock, Pop, Metal/Hardrock, Black Metal
  7. Runout/Matrix: -

  1. Zustand Tonträger: G+
  2. Zustand Cover: G
  3. Info: komplett - siehe Inhalt oben, Box obere Ecke rechts ziemlich eingedrückt ansonsten mindestens VG, anderer Inhalt Neuwertig (VG+)
  4. Antistatische Innenhülle: ja
  5. Gewaschen : ja

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A1 Sepulchral Voice

A2 Obsessed By Cruelty

A3 After The Deluge

A4 Conjuration

B1 Proselyism Real

B2 Conqueror

B3 My Atonement

B4 Outbreak Of Evil

C1 Persecution Mania

C2 Magic Dragon

C3 Shellfire Defense

C4 The Saw Is The Law

D1 Bloodtrails

D2 Body Parts

D3 Skinned Alive

D4 Sons Of Hell

Official Bootleg - The Witchhunter Decade

CD1-1 Sepulchral Voice

CD1-2 Obsessed By Cruelty

CD1-3 After The Deluge

CD1-4 Conjuration

CD1-5 Proselyism Real

CD1-6 Conqueror

CD1-7 My Atonement

CD1-8 Outbreak Of Evil

CD1-9 Persecution Mania

CD1-10 Magic Dragon

CD1-11 Shellfire Defense

CD1-12 The Saw Is The Law

CD1-13 Bloodtrails

CD1-14 Body Parts

CD1-15 Skinned Alive

CD1-16 Sons Of Hell

Thirty Years War

CD2-1 Burnt Command 'Til War

CD2-2 Brandish The Sceptre

CD2-3 My Atonement

CD2-4 Electrocution

CD2-5 Christ Passion

CD2-6 Tired And Red

CD2-7 Baptism Of Fire

CD2-8 The Saw Is The Law (Splatting Version)

CD2-9 Shellfire Defense

CD2-10 Tarred And Feathered

CD2-11 The Crippler

CD2-12 Reincarnation

CD2-13 Sodomized

CD2-14 Delight In Slaying

CD2-15 Into Perdition

CD3-1 Gathering Of Minds

CD3-2 Unwanted Youth

CD3-3 Scum

CD3-4 Tombstone

CD3-5 Warlike Conspiracy

CD3-6 Spiritual Demise

CD3-7 Book Burning

CD3-8 Minejumper

CD3-9 Genocide

CD3-10 Where Angels Die

CD3-11 Hatred Of The Gods

CD3-12 Lords Of Depravity

CD3-13 Kamikaze Terrorrizer

CD3-14 In War And Pieces

CD3-15 Hellfire